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AsphWax is a Flow Assurance (FA) solutions company that provides innovative solutions to asphaltene, wax, and hydrate problems. AsphWax Objectives are:


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Asphaltene and Wax
Near-Infra-Red (NIR) Live Oil Testing
A Unique AsphWax
Technological Achievement

AsphWax is for independents and smaller Oil & Gas Operators the equivalent of a major Oil & Gas Company's in-house technical service and research laboratory. We provide to smaller Oil & Gas Operators service that meets or exceeds the quality of that provided to majors by their own in-house labs, but only at a fraction of the cost. The bottom line is enormous savings and/or revenue increases for our clients.

AsphWax wrote the book on Asphaltenes and Waxes.

Our Know-how, expertise, and technology is unsurpassed.

Try us once and we will never give you a reason to leave us.

AsphWax Unparalleled Money-Back Guarantee:

AsphWax is so confident of the reliability of its technical consulting and laboratory asphaltene and wax diagnostic testing and simulation technology that it makes the following unequivocal money-back guarantee: "in the very unlikely event that AsphWax fails to diagnose the correct asphaltene and/or wax problem and make the correct recommendations, provided that the client follows AsphWax's sampling, testing, and simulation recommended procedures, it will refund all money it received as compensation for the failed services."

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